We have 4 friendly Boar Goats - Milo, Cindy, Jimmi, and Adele. These guys all love a pat and cuddle and are always very keen for a treat or snack. They will sing out to you if they see you walk past to grab your attention for a treat.


Little Luna was born here on Halloween 2021. She is a super sweet cria who loves her pats. She also likes to hang out with Willow sometimes.
She is Chewy and Kingman’s daughter. She is absolutely adorable!


He is the Boss of the alpacas and is like a guard dog.

He is pretty friendly and loves a treat but isn’t super keen on being patted, he won't hesitate to eat from your hand.
He is chewy’s boyfriend, Luna's Dad and also a brown Alpaca.
When Kingman gets a haircut he gets a mullet. Which suits his style. 


Chewy is a shy alpaca but is getting more and more friendly with people, she is the proud mum of Luna. She has a habit of spitting if you get too close but she is also happy to eat from your hand if she's in the mood


Coco is the older of the two cows that we currently have here. She was born here in 2018 and has given birth to 2 calves since then. She is a gentle cow, very friendly and loves a pat. 

Fudge is a very special cow. She is the daughter of Coco and was born here in 2020. She is very playful, affectionate and always up for a scratch and cuddle.

Both cows are currently in Calf with babies expected around December


Now Harry is technically a sheep but he hangs with the cows.
He is a calm and friendly ram but can get pushy when it's feeding time.
We got him when we first moved here at six months old. 


Bella is our oldest dog and is the mother of Indie and Willow and Pippa. She is a wise yet playful girl who is in charge of our little tribe.
Her ‘’boyfriend’’ is our second oldest pooch, Zac. 
Fun fact: Bella hates vegetables! She is almost 7.
We got her a couple of months before moving up to Mollies Farm. She has had a few litters of puppies and produces adorable pups. 
Bella has retired from having any more puppies and gets the fun job in the future of being a grandma and playing with them.
She is the namesake behind our breeders prefix "Bellaindle Border Collies"


Zac is an energetic and playful dog who loves his toys and food.
He has a couple of strange habits. He likes to hold on to Bella’s tail and lay on tables.

He is obsessed with playing fetch and loves it when we have guests.
He is an amazing catcher once you start throwing for him he will be your friend for life!
He seems to never run out of energy but can calm down when he wants cuddles.
We picked him up on Anzac Day, his full name is Anzac.


Indie is Bella’s oldest daughter. She is four years old. Indie is a very affectionate and calm pooch. She loves attention and cuddles. She enjoys playing and cuddling with her mum Bella but is sometimes a bit too affectionate.
Indie is our one-eyed pal who enjoys going to the beach. Sadly, in July 2022 Indie lost her eye. Unfortunately, it got severely scratched by Pippa our puppy and was too badly damaged and had to be removed. Indie has recovered really well and is back to her normal self. She can still catch the ball mid-air.
Indie loves to lay and relax in the sun as she can be a bit lazy (especially in the morning) she isn’t a morning person for sure!


Willow is a super outgoing dog. She loves to play fetch and go to the beach with her family. She is very energetic but also knows when it’s time to relax and have a chill.
She loves playing with her best friend / little sis Pippa. She looks up to indie as a big sis and loves cuddling with her. Willow loves to lay and watch the rabbits play.


Pippa is a smart little pup. She loves cuddles, treats, playing with her pals and chasing swallows. Pippa is a talented girl who although she is the youngest can still do some pretty epic tricks. Her best friend is willow her older sister, they love playing together. Pippa also loves laying and watching the chickens. She loves to give kisses but is learning when it's the right time for them

Ducklings and Chickens

In hatching session - the warmer months of the year. Patrick breeds chickens and ducks.
Selling everything from Chicks and Ducklings. Duck and Chicken Eggs.

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